Pilot a spaceship and rule the stars!

Explore the vast reaches of space.

Battle others for control of the galaxy.

Colonize strange alien worlds.

Welcome to the best MMO game in the galaxy!

In a time that would be known as the golden age of the space frontier, personal fortunes are won and lost in the far-off reaches of the galaxy. Corporate empires are forged and destroyed amidst the booming industry of colonization, and the only law is: Arm your space-ship well. For a bold and cunning captain, the future is unlimited.

Starport is a multi-player action game featuring combat between space-ships driven by you and other real people. If you can survive the journeys from star to star, you'll discover a universe of teamwork, empire-building, and uncensored chat. The world is open and you are free to do as you like.

Starport is always free to play. The developer is supported by optional in-game purchases.

Click the button above to download Starport for Windows PC. See you in the galaxy!


Software Informer Virus Free award